About the author

Rev. John Laura

I have chosen to write this book because I feel that too many church leaders within a church ministry have a mis-conception of what their role is to the chief leader of the christian church. For many years I have witnessed how pastors have had to struggle with frustrations with dealing with people they have appointed to serve with them and they have become overbearing or just dis-repectful to the roles they have been assigned to function in. I’ve listened to many pastors complain about how their associate ministers feel that he is obligated to provide to them more responsibilities than they do. 

And to many times pastors have to spend to much valuable time re-directing assistant leaders to understand how to work with him in harmony to maintain a cooperative leadership team that supports the head pastors agenda for the church he is responsible for. This book I hope will help all leaders within a church ministry understand it is a privilege to be used by a pastor in their church and encourage them how not to be a hindrance to the culture and progress of the ministries success.